24/7 Access When you store your vehicle with us you have access to it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more rushing to get to the storage before it closes for the night or the weekend.

Reserved Spaces Your reserved space when you need it! You can even park your personal vehicle in your space when you are on a trip.

Pre-Trip Service With our pre-trip service we can air up your tires, make sure your batteries are charged, service your engine or generator, and get you ready for the road.

Valet Parking If you don't want the hassle of parking your vehicle in your space, we can do it for you with our valet parking service.

Automated Gate w/ Remote Control Remote controls are available for our automated entry gate. You can open the gate with your remote control so that you don't have to leave your vehicle or hang out the window. Each remote has a unique identifier and our system logs who accesses the gate.

Lights The facility is well lit so you can see where you are going at night. Lighting also adds another level of security.

Cameras Our day/night camera system keeps an eye on the yard for ease of mind.

Fenced We use thick-gauged chain link material and schedule 40 posts with barbed wire on top to add another level of durability and security.
Large Paved Driveways Our spaces have large driveways (70' wide for trucks, 30' wide for RVS & boats). We also have pull through spaces available for RVs and semi-trucks and trailers.

Our driveways are paved to help keep the dust down. The rest of the yard is compacted with AB and grindings and is a year round surface. The new yard is treated with liquid asphalt to keep the dust down.

Legal STAA Truck Route We had the route to our facility (From I-80 to Antelope Road to Antelope North Road) designated as a STAA truck route so that our customers with larger vehicles don't have to worry about tickets.

Click here for Sacramento County's STAA Truck Route Map.